Each year the Turkey Point Light Station holds a photo contest of pictures of the Turkey Point Lighthouse. The year 2021 is shown on this page.  Past years can be accessed on the bottom of this page.


Submitted photos are listed below in no specific order.   Award wining photos can be accessed using the below links.

1st Place Photo by Keith McEllhenney

2nd Place Photo by Billy Spicer

3rd Place Photo by David Krum






The Maryland Park Service and TPLS Inc. have publishing rights to all submitted photos.



Submitted photos are listed below in no specific order.            

Photo by Anthony Massarotti

Photo by Anthony Massarotti. Taken on 7 January 2021.

Photos by Geetha Roberts. Taken on 6 April 2021. Our dog Champ was relaxing at the background of the lighthouse. He enjoyed walking all over the place including small trails.


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  Photo by Pete Mazzeo. Taken on 20 May.

Photos by Keith McEllhenney, taken on 1 June.


 Photo by Billy Spicer. Taken on July 4th. I stood looking at the lighthouse. I noticed the trees formed an almost perfect frame around the lighthouse and the small shack besides it. Combined with the gradient caused by the sunlight I had thanked God that I had brought my FujiFilm with me that day.

Photos by John Cook, taken September 15th

Photo By David Krum



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Our season, this year, will begin May 1st and run thru the end of October. The Lighthouse is open to climbers on weekends from 10AM to 2PM (weather permitting). The gift shop is open from 10AM to 2PM. There is no charge to view the Chesapeake Bay from our lantern room. The staircase in the lighthouse is open to climbers who can reach the metal handrail. Donations are gratefully accepted.

Please note that our hours of operation are dependent upon weather conditions and the availability of volunteers