Turkey Point Light Station Contest Photos for 2013

Mr. Wagerle has kindly given his permission for TPLS to use his picture for a new postcard.

I was reading your website on the light station and clicking through your photos.  My wife and I
drove out to the light station early this spring. It was our first time there and we had a wonderful afternon. I just regret that I couldn't go up in it at the time and plan to return soon. I wish you all the success in your renvovation plans. While tehre, I took the above photo of the sunset. - Craig W.

I love Elk Neck State Park. And I was SO excited to actually go up into the Lighthouse at Turkey Point. There's something mystical about lighthouses. It may sound nutty but when I enter an old lighthouse, I close my eyes and I can feel the energy of the keepers and the history. And Turkey Point Lighthouse is awesome. I enjoy looking out over the cliffs. It's like looking out over the world in a sense. - Angie L.


Our family visited the light station on a lovely late October afternoon while camping one weekend at Elk Neck State Park. The kids thought it was a great adventure.  Here is our son, Sawyer, pretending to be a giant leaning on the light station. Thank you for a fun family outing. - Cheers, Hillery H.

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Our season, this year, will begin May 1st and run thru the end of October. The Lighthouse is open to climbers on weekends from 10AM to 2PM (weather permitting). The gift shop is open from 10AM to 2PM. There is no charge to view the Chesapeake Bay from our lantern room.The staircase in the lighthouse is open to climbers who can reach the handrail. Donations are gratefully accepted.

Please note that our hours of operation are dependent upon weather conditions and the availability of volunteers