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In 2007 we contracted with Ross Gibson to reconstruct the steps and ladder so that our visitors could access the Lantern Room and enjoy the beautiful view of the Chesapeake Bay.  Mr. Gibson and his expert workers used historically accurate methods and materials.

Also in 2007, we also purchased a modest gift shop.  This was necessary because we were unable to continue the gift shop in the lighthouse due to the construction of the new stairs and ladder.  We have expanded our merchandise to include cold water, sodas and snacks for our visitors on hot summer days.


In 2008, we placed a new flagpole adjacent to the site of the original one where, if you look closely, you can still see Fannie Mae’s autograph. 


In 2010, we replaced three quarters of the original sidewalks

In 2011, we installed pervious pavers outside the Lighthouse and Oil House doors so that visitors did not have to deal with the dust and mud. In 2012, we again contracted with Ross Gibson to combat the problem with moisture in the Lighthouse.  The base of the outside walls was dug out and sealed with a special clay like soil and the stairs were treated with a protectant. We installed equipment to constantly monitor the moisture levels.  

In 2013, we had the exterior catwalk, railings and inside the Lantern Room painted.  We also painted the Lighthouse door.

In 2019, we installed a replacement kerosene tank and built a platform to go over the tank.

In 2020, the entire station was cleaned and washed by the Elite Power Washing company.

In 2020, after the washing by the Elite Power Washing company all the loose paint was scraped off and painted over. The catwalk around the lanternroom was also painted.

Our season, this year, will begin May 1st and run thru the end of October. The Lighthouse is open to climbers on weekends from 10AM to 2PM (weather permitting). The gift shop is open from 10AM to 2PM. There is no charge to view the Chesapeake Bay from our lantern room. The staircase in the lighthouse is open to climbers who can reach the metal handrail. Donations are gratefully accepted. One of the items donations pay for are the Porta Pottys.

Please note that our hours of operation are dependent upon weather conditions and the availability of volunteers