History in pictures

It is said a picture is worth a thousand words. These pictures of the Turkey Point Light Station are in cronilogical order. Would like to thank Paula Krum, Rita Coleman and Tad Barteau for their contribution to this effort. This history in pictures would not have been possible without them!

1990 to Today

Tower before work

Turkey Point Lighthouse in 1995 before the Turkey Point Lighthouse Society (TPLS) took possession of the lighthouse.


Mr. Dean Rice, the first TPLS Inc. President, recieves the key to the Turkey Point Lighthouse from the Coast Guard.


Working on window

Turkey Point Lighthouse being worked on by the TPLS in 1998, getting the lighthouse ready for the public.


Working around tower

Turkey Point Lighthouse Society members working on the Oil House and Lighthouse getting it ready for the public to be able to view and climb the Lighthouse.


airial view

Arial photo of Turkey Point Lighthouse in 2001


Lighthouse from bay

Turkey Point Lighthouse from the bay in 2001.


TPLS from walk

Turkey Point Lighthouse and Oil House in 2001.


The Turkey Point Lighthouse Station Inc. light comes on for the first time in 2002. A testiment to the hard work TPLS made to make this dream come true.


Tug boat

Turkey Point Lighthouse and the Cheyenne salvage tug in 2002. Do not know why tug was there? Do you? Photo courtesy of the Cecil Whig.


TOKS From woods

Turkey Point Lighthouse in 2003.


Challenge 2004

In 2004 the First Maryland Lighthouse challenge where the Turkey Point Lighthouse was a participant took place. Over 500 people stopped by to count Turkey Point as one of the 10 lighthouses they visited on the weekend. Turkey Point was nicknamed "Torture Point", as it rained on Saturday and to was especially hard to get to the lighthouse. Pictured above are the primary people who made the event happen.


TPLS 2006

Turkey Point Lighthouse in January 2006.


TPLS 2006

Turkey Point Lighthouse getting ready for Christmas 2006.

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Christmas 2006

Turkey Point Lighthouse society 2006 Christmas crew.


Replacing floor

Lighthouse floor cement poored in the 1970's and metal ladder were removed.


Old floor is back

Restored brick floor after cement and metal ladder were removed. First look at the new wood steps.


Arial view

Arial view of Turkey Point Lighthouse around 2006/7 before new flag pole was installed.


TPLS 2007

Work is starting on replacing the metal ladder in the lighthouse with a new wooden spiral staircase and ladder into the lantern room.


New book stand

New TPLS information binder holder installed next to tower.


New wood stairs installed in 2007
Work bench Stairs
Stairs and window Stairs
Stairs Stairs
Tower ladder Down stairs

New wood stairs installed in 2007. Built from the same blueprint as the stairs built in 1832/1833. The metal handrail is from 1833.


Christmas 2007

Turkey Point Lighthouse on Chritmas 2007. Now is when the Fog Bell was needed.


Christmas crew

Turkey Point Lighthouse Society members who made Christmas 2007 happen.


TPLS's First President Mr. Dean Rice and Vice President Mike Duvall. Photo by Shirin Pagels.


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Welcome sign

New welcome plaque installed in 2007.


TPLS and sign

New Welcome Sign adjacent to lighthouse and oil house.


Gift shop

Gift Shop installed in 2009. Shop became very popular for the cold water on hot summer days and for being able to get a park stamp.


2009 Challenge

2009 Lighthouse Challenge.


New flag pole

New flag pole installed in 2011, just behind old flag pole that was installed in 1940. Getting ready to raise the American flag for the first time. Flag raised every day at Turkey Point is the American flag from 1833, which has 24 stars.

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A bride walks the 1.6 mile round trip in her gown, the guests also walked out to the wedding.


Spring 2012

Turkey Point Lighthouse in Spring 2012.


Fall 2012

Turkey Point Lighthouse in Fall 2012.


Enemy Returns sign

With the lighthouse over looking most of the water ways the British used in the War of 1812, the Park Service installed a map showing an old map of the bay and some details about the British landing.

Kerosene tank

New replacement Kerosene tank ready to be off loaded. Four alumnium straps were attached to the cement the day before.


Installation of the replacement kerosene tank completed in June 2019.


Kerosene tank platform

Kerosene tank platform being installed in July 2019.


Completed kerosene tank and platform

New kerosene tank platform installation is completed in July 2019. The platform allowed a person to stand on it and pour kerosene into the tank. The corresponding steps to allow someone to get up to the platform were not added, so kids cannot get on top of the platform


Lighthouse in Sept 2019

Nice day in September 2019 day over looking the Chesapeake Bay at the Turkey Point Lighthouse.


Arial view of the lighthouse on 8 September 2019, curtesy of Thornwall Studios of Lancaster, PA.


A work in progress, please come back as new photos will be added.


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Our season, this year, will begin May 1st and run thru the end of October. The Lighthouse is open to climbers on weekends from 10AM to 2PM (weather permitting). The gift shop is open from 10AM to 2PM. There is no charge to view the Chesapeake Bay from our lantern room. The staircase in the lighthouse is open to climbers who can reach the metal handrail. Donations are gratefully accepted.

Please note that our hours of operation are dependent upon weather conditions and the availability of volunteers